It’s FASHION FRIDAY, ya’ll! I am so excited to introduce to you guys this new series on my blog. I am not exactly sure yet how often I’ll have a Fashion Friday but my goal is to do as many as I can. Those of you who know me know I LOVE all things fashion. However, in this generation stylish clothes seem to be so expensive. Thanks to my bargain huntin’ momma, I’ve been raised to find adorable clothes for an affordable price! For my first Fashion Friday, I wanted to feature a girl who is near and dear to my heart. This is my beautiful cousin, Jessicca! Jessicca was born prematurely and because of that it caused her to have intellectual disabilities. But let me tell you, this girl does not let that stop her from letting her spunky, loving and charming personality shine! She is always there to help a friend out and gives the warmest hugs imaginable. What a blessing this girl is not only to my life, but to several others! This cute and springy type of outfit miss Jess has on was only $30! Heck yeah! Here are all the details:



Lets start out with this adorable little dress! Believe it or not, the dress was the cheapest item of this whole entire outfit. It only cost me $4 from H&M! The floral pattern is so fun and cute which matched Jess’s bright personality so well. What I love about it is that this dress could easily be worn for multiple purposes. It could be worn as a casual day-to-day look like miss Jess is showing, or it could be dressed up a little more with some heels and pass as a formal/date night outfit! I love dresses like that!



From the cheapest item, to the most expensive we go. Soooooo I totally dropped $13 on this flower crown and I’m not even upset about it. In my opinion, it totally makes this outfit! I was in the check out line at H&M and I spotted this beauty and I was like HECK TO THE YES. It was the cherry added to the sundae if ya know what I mean. For a cheaper alternative, you could either choose to go without it or you could make one yourself with a little craft vine wire and flowers!



Next up is this beautiful necklace that I picked up from Rue 21 for only $5! This outfit definitely needed a little bling to it and this did the trick! The baby pink in it is a perfect match to the baby pink in the floral pattern of the dress which ties it all together. I love the pearls in the necklace too because I feel like it adds a classy feel to the outfit. 



The last and final piece to this week’s Fashion Friday are these super cute gold and sparkly sandals! I also bought these from H&M and they cost me $8. It’s so simple yet so stylish at the same time. The tiny bit of gold in her necklace really makes the shoes match well with the entire outfit. And who can go wrong with sparkles, am I right?


I really hope you guys enjoyed this week’s Fashion Friday and that I inspired you to go out bargain hunting! It’s amazing the things you can find when you actually search deep. If there is any type of outfit you all would like to challenge me to find for an affordable price, please feel free to leave a comment! I’m always up for new styles/ideas! Can’t wait for next time! 




4 thoughts on “FASHION FRIDAY! $30 OUTFIT!

    • thetrustytwentyyearold says:

      Thank you! She is indeed very beautiful and so very special to my heart! If you struggle with piecing certain outfits together, I would love to help you out! We can narrow it down to what styles you like best and then I can be on the look out for you whenever I’m out bargain shopping!


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