Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share with you guys something that has really strengthened my walk with the Lord as well as my relationship with my boyfriend. During Nick and I’s first few months of dating, our way of getting into the Word together was by opening up the Bible and reading passages to each other. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that, we just weren’t getting as much out of it as we were wanting. Whenever he read, I tended to get distracted because I’m a visual learner and the same thing happened to him whenever I read. That’s when I got the idea for us to create these awesome Bible binders! I kid you not, this was the best thing that we ever did! Not only have we strengthened our individual relationships with the Lord but have also became more connected as a couple. Through these, we both have learned and comprehended a lot more than we used to and have also kept focus. It’s so much fun being able to be creative while learning the Word of God! Down below I will explain how Nick and I made them and what we put under each tab so that way you can make one as well! Also, please do not think you have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to make one of these! You can most definitely do this on your own or even with a friend. In fact, there has been many times where Nick and I have worked on our binders on our own. I hope you all try this out and that it helps you in the way it did for me!


1″ binder, 5 tabs, notebook paper and colorful pens/markers 


Once you have all of your materials, you will then create a front cover and put your tabs and paper inside of the binder.

 Label your tabs like this:

1. Prayer    2. Illustrations    3. Bible Study    4. Sermon Notes    5. ETC

I will give examples down below of what you can put under each tab. However, for the Prayer and ETC tab I will not. Those are a little more personal and I’ll explain why. The Prayer tab is for anytime you want to write a prayer to God. Kind of like a letter to him! Sometimes it’s nice to write out your feelings/requests rather than speaking them all of the time. I didn’t want to show a picture of one of my prayers because that’s between God and I! You can also use the Prayer tab to list those who need or ask for prayer. That way you can go back to that page and be sure you pray for those people. As far as the ETC tab, that is for anything extra you want to do or write about. I usually write out verses I see when I’m reading my Bible that relate to something going on in my life or that truly speak to me. I also try to write daily blessings under this tab which means writing out things God blessed me with that day and how grateful I am for it! Pretty much anything you want can go under ETC!

Now… on to all of the other stuff! 



Be creative with these! Choose a verse you like or one that really means something to you and then write it out and make some doodles to dazzle it up! Or if you’re like Nick and aren’t a huge fan of doodles, you can use some fun stickers that will make your Bible binder look just as awesome!






Nick and I always have such a blast whenever we do an illustration! What we do first is choose a verse that we feel would make a great picture (There’s endless options for this!). Once we have our verse, we work together as a team to make that verse into a picture. This is one of my favorite tabs because as I said above, I’m a visual learner. This truly helps the verses stick in my mind and eases my understanding of them!






This is the tab where we put all of our Bible studies under! Right now, we are on a series shown above titled Becoming more like Christ. For this series, we’ve been reading verses about how we can become more Christlike and an overall better Christian. During most of our studies, we write out the verses and then reflect on them individually. After that, we share with each other what we got out of it and then discuss how we can apply it to our lives individually and as a couple. 






Sunday Funday! (Or whatever day you go church, haha!) Here you can put all of the notes you take from church! If you’re like me, you may go a little overboard with your colors and organization of the notes. If you’re like Nick, one pen will do the trick and no organization is needed. Either way works! Do whatever you enjoy the most and whatever helps you best retain the info! 


If you all decide to make a Bible binder, please tag me on any social media platform so I can see them! I would love to see the unique way you make yours and hear how it’s helped your walk with the Lord and relationship with someone if you choose to do it together. I love you all so much and am so blessed through this blog already. I can’t thank you enough for those of you who have kept up with it so far! I truly pray it reaches many more and that I can share God’s love to as many as possible. HE IS SO GOOD! Have a great rest of your week!



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