Cheers to the weekend and first post of September! This Saturday, it was laid on my heart to discuss a verse that has really impacted me in deep way through some recent and past struggles. In fact, Thursday I even decided to get it tattooed onto my body as a forever reminder. I am not really a tattoo type of girl, but small ones that have true meaning behind them are something that I love! The verse I am talking about is 1 Samuel 16:7 which is “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 


I’ve come to learn that people can be extremely hurtful. Even our own brothers and sisters in Christ can misuse their tongue when speaking about someone. It’s not easy for me to open up about this subject but I’m hoping and praying the reason God had me share this was to possibly help someone else going through a similar obstacle. To cut to the chase, there has been a lot of mean comments said about me in the past that have completely knocked me off my feet. Comments so hurtful that I started to believe that they were true. For awhile, I was made fun of for my nose. People would laugh at it and make jokes about how “big” it was. Whether they were joking or not, it still hurt. Every girl wants to feel beautiful but I just didn’t know how to feel that way after that. As crazy as it sounds, I even started trying to research plastic surgery because I felt it would help my APPEARANCE. My appearance of which PEOPLE looked at. That’s all I cared about. Not only that, but just a few months ago I was accused of not being true to my faith. That tore me down more than any other comment I’ve ever received in my life because I take my faith extremely serious. People tried to say that by the way I dress, I wasn’t living for God. Let me tell you all something. First off, I am not one to show a lot of skin and I think being classy is the best thing a woman can be. The most skin I show is if I wear a crop top which I see nothing wrong with when paired with any sort of high waisted bottoms. Apparently high heels can make you look a lot more “slutty” too (another lovely comment I’ve received). I’ve been in heels since I was two years old, ya’ll. I grew up in the show business and had a momma who wore them all the time which has rubbed off on to me. In my opinion, heels are so beautiful, classy and can make a girl feel a whole lot of confidence if you know what I mean. There’s a video I recall watching of Sadie Robertson who also was accused of not being a true Christian because of what she wore. Her response was so powerful and so comforting to me as a listener because she reminded me of the truth which is what I hope to do today for you. What it means to be a Christian to me is to love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my strength and to love my neighbor as myself. Being a Christian is so much more than whatever outfit I’m wearing or whether or not I’m wearing a crop top. That doesn’t define me as a Christian. What defines me as a Christian is not what I’m wearing on the outside but what my HEART is wearing on the inside.


With all of these attacks people threw at me, I was missing the most important part which was that none of them were true. God made me the way I am for a reason just like he made you who you are for a reason. Why try so hard to change how you look or dress for PEOPLE? That doesn’t matter! What matters is where your heart is at which is what the Lord is going to look at. God doesn’t care about the appearance because he already knows we’re beautiful and made in his image. How amazing would it be if we all stopped judging each other on the way we look and instead dive deep into each other’s hearts? We may then discover who we all REALLY are. Unfortunately, I know that these comments won’t be the last that I receive in my lifetime. I know there is more to come. However, I am so thrilled to have this little reminder on the back of my leg to look at whenever needed. Never let people and their words bring you down. That’s just the enemy disliking how powerful your connection is with God and attempting to ruin it. I encourage you all to focus on your heart because THAT is what truly matters. I love you all and am always here to talk if you want!





  1. Linda Bramlett Nott says:

    Jasmine I know you don’t know me but I have watched you grow up on that stage with your family. I have not been to Branson and your shows as of the last several years because of health reasons. But I can tell you that you and your family are one of the most loving, caring families I have ever grown to know and love. Your faith and love for God is proof every time you walk out on that stage and give all you have to entertain us, sing with the anointing of God in your gospel songs,and come out after every show to show how much you love your fans and people in general. Please don’t ever listen to those who have hate in their hearts. YOU and your family have alot of love to give and those who say hateful things to you are jealous of what you have and that is why they say those things. You keep that love of Jesus in your heart and know there are a lot of us out there who hope and pray that more and more young ones will follow in your footsteps. What a blessing that would be!! I love your family and hopefully I am going to get to come and see your show again soon!!!


    • thetrustytwentyyearold says:

      Linda, thank you so much! You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me. Thank you for being so supportive of my family and I. It has always been our goal to share the wonderful love of God to as many as possible through our music! We are so grateful the Lord has blessed us with being able to perform all these years! People can definitely be cruel but the word of God reminds me that all of their comments are false and an attack straight from the enemy! Your love and kindness also warms my heart in a way that I can’t even describe. The love of Christ flows from your words! My goal with this blog is to witness, encourage and inspire as many as I can! I pray I can make a difference and truly touch people through what I write! I hope to see you soon and I will be praying your health issues resolve quickly! Thank you again and God bless!


  2. Cynthia E Hovell says:

    Jasmine, I met you for the first time Friday morning, and you are a truly beautiful and talented young ladies. I know how beautiful your heart is because it was created by combining two of the most beautiful hearts with the help of our Lord and Savior. I subscribed to your blog and was in awe of your post on the Bible binder. Never forget that you are loved by two fathers, a heavenly one and an earthly one. That all that really matters.


    • thetrustytwentyyearold says:

      Cynthia, thank you so much! You are absolutely right that my parents have two of the most beautiful hearts in the world. I am so blessed to have their constant love and encouragement in all that I do. Most importantly, they point me towards Christ every single day which I will forever be grateful for. I appreciate you subscribing to my blog, that means so much to me! I am really loving this and my goal is to bless as many as I can through what I write. I pray that over time it will become more popular and reach people all over the world. God is so good and I’m grateful he’s put sweet people like you in my life who keep encouraging me to continue this blog journey of mine! God bless!


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