Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to take your dog for a walk in the nice refreshing air but your dog ends up walking you instead? If so, same here! I have a 68 pound Black Lab and that girl has some serious strength. She has almost pulled me completely over before and our walks tend to be quite disastrous, haha! She’s such a curious girl but has every right to be! Dogs love to explore and I’m totally okay with that because they deserve to have fun! However, it’d make things a whole lot easier on us dog parents if they would just cooperate but that’s unlikely! 

The old fashion leash connected to collar thing wasn’t working for me or even her for that matter. She would be pulling so hard that she would end up choking herself due to the collar pulling back right along her neck. As far as me, I was practically running! A few trips here and there and a whole lot of mess.. it was not an enjoyable experience for me to say the least. This became so frustrating because I didn’t know if a solution was even possible. All I wanted was to be able to have a peaceful walk while bonding with her as much as I could in those moments.

After this kept happening over and over again, I decided to invest in a harness for her. I had done some research about them and thought that it may be the answer I was looking for as far as making our walks easier. I purchased it at my local Walmart.

 What the harness looks like:


Rather than tugging on her neck, the harness distributes pressure over a larger area of her body. This allows for better control and reduced strain on her neck and back. It also reduces strain on my arms and back which is wonderful. There was one time when we were walking with the old method and she saw a squirrel which made her take off. I literally thought that my arm was ripped out of its socket. It hurt so bad! 

The harness truly did wonders. With it I felt as if I had more control over her and it also made me happy to see her not getting choked up by her collar. However, there was a few times she was still able to pull me in jerky type movements. But I decided just to deal with it because I didn’t think that there was anything out there that could make it any better.

By my surprise, there actually was something! I was at a craft show in Illinois that my aunt took me to and I happened to come across a booth that was selling leashes specifically designed to make walks easier. The company is called Bun-Gee Pup-ee. The leashes they make teach your dog to not tug anymore due to the way the leash stretches and the resistance your dog experiences. In all honestly, I was hesitant on whether or not it was going to work. But I thought it was at least worth a shot. They had different leashes that fit with the weight of your dog so I ended up purchasing the one that was up to 165 pounds. 

Bun-Gee Pup-ee leash:


As soon as I got back into town, I tested it out and at first was not impressed. It didn’t seem to really do anything but I didn’t give up on it. After using it for about 5 times, I finally started to see the difference and improvement that it was making. She wasn’t tugging anymore and yet instead was walking at a normal pace. I believe the reason it didn’t work at first was because she was adjusting to it. On the Bungee-Pupee website it literally says that these leashes will ‘train’ your dog to not tug. So I think she was in the training process those first few days if that makes sense.

The harness and leash are literally the best duo and work so perfectly together. My dog and I’s walks have never been better and I am loving it. The control the harness gives you and the resistance from the leash is absolutely incredible in making sure you aren’t getting pulled around. The old method is history to me!

To show you the difference, I took a walk using both methods and had my boyfriend capture each one on my camera. These are 100% REAL and will show you just how much a harness and bungee leash can do for a powerful dog!



As you can tell she stays pretty close to my side, doesn’t tug and is going about the same pace as I am. 

Everything changes when switching to the old method.. please enjoy these pictures of my dog yanking me down the street, haha. This was my life before I discovered the harness and leash!



It’s seriously mind-blowing looking at the difference here. With the new method she is so much more relaxed. Like her and I can just chill and go at the same pace which is awesome. With the old method it’s obvious that she is tugging, pulling and choking herself which is not enjoyable for either one of us.

I never thought our walks would get this good but thanks to the new method, they have. I highly recommend trying it out if you are experiencing a similar problem! Not only will it be easier on you but also on your sweet pup which is so important! I promise you’ll be amazed at how these two items can tame your tough doggo! Comment below if you try it out and let me know your results! Love ya’ll! Happy walking!




  1. Dave Metcalf says:

    Boy I sure wish we found that when we had a German Shepherd however with poodles and shitzu’s s its not so important. Great pictures, take care Dave M

    On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 11:50 AM The Trusty Twenty Year Old wrote:

    > thetrustytwentyyearold posted: “Have you ever had one of those days where > you just want to take your dog for a walk in the nice refreshing air but > your dog ends up walking you instead? If so, same here! I have a 68 pound > Black Lab and that girl has some serious strength. She has almost ” >


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