I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for new music to add to my playlist. Christian music happens to be one of my go-to genres because it’s pure, uplifting and also very entertaining in my opinion. A lot of people misjudge Christian music by thinking it’s all just hymns and slow moving with no beat. This is completely false. While hymns are still great, I prefer the modern style of gospel music to worship and listen to. I’ve put a list together of some of my favorite Christian songs for you to add to your playlist. Some of these are older and some of these are newer but they all share something in common.. power, soul and the love of Christ! As I do love them all, I still put them in order from least favorite to favorite to give you a better idea of the ones I listen to more frequently! 

#10 – Where I Belong by Building 429

Building 429

Whenever I got the idea to make this post, I knew I had to include this song! The first time I heard it was actually whenever my church worship team did a cover of it a few years ago. It’s powerful, moving and a reminder that this is not where we belong. For we have a greater home waiting for us in Heaven! 

#9 – Start Over by Flame feat. NF


Usually I’m not the biggest fan of Hip Hop/Rap styled music but this song blew me away. The message within it is pure power and something I believe a lot of us need to hear! If you think you’re too far gone, have made too many mistakes and believe you’re “not good enough” for God’s grace.. you’re wrong! You can START OVER and be made new in Him. 

#8 – All I Can Do (Thank You) by MIKESCHAIR


Words can’t describe how much I love this one. There’s so many things the Lord has given us. So many prayers He’s answered and so much grace He’s offered freely. He deserves our thanks and our praise every single day! This song will make you want to sing along, lift your hands up in the air and simply thank Him for all that He has done!

#7- Through Your Eyes by Britt Nicole


If you’re in need of a confidence booster, a reminder that you’re beautiful and that all that matters is what God thinks of you… check this out! This song has seriously got me through a lot of times whenever I let the pressures and people of this world fill my mind with hurtful words. It has shown me that I am so much more than what I think about myself and what others think about me. Through His eyes, I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!

#6 – Blessings by Laura Story

Laura Story

This song is pretty much just a piano and a voice but it’s absolutely beautiful. There has been several times I’ve just laid down on my floor, shut my eyes and listened to this because it gives off such a sense of peace. Sometimes we’re all so self-absorbed that we keep asking for thousands of different things rather than focusing on the blessings he’s put right there in front of us.

#5 – This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham 

Phil Wickham

Anywhere at anytime, you can catch me singing at the top of my lungs to this! It’s such a happy feeling and soul lifting song. My church worship team performs this every once and awhile and the energy in the room is just fantastic! Everyone sings it with such passion and if you look around all hands are lifted high in the air. 

#4 – Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Cory Asbury

I honestly could listen to this on repeat and never get tired of it. It’s that good! Every time I hear it being played I get goosebumps and feel God’s presence all over. You know a song is good whenever that happens! One of my favorite things to do is to blast it in my car whenever I’m driving down the highway. It has such power and feel to it which makes it even more intense when listening at a loud level! 

#3 – Overcomer by Mandisa

Mandisa 2

What a jam! Even though this was released in 2013, I just discovered it last year thanks to my cousin. This song hits close to home with me because I struggle with horrible anxiety and always feel like it’ll be stuck with me forever. But that’s not true at all. I have Christ, therefore I can overcome anything. I’m an overcomer and so are you!

#2 – You Say by Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle

This happens to be a very popular song at the moment so I’m sure most of you have heard it. But just in case there’s someone who hasn’t, I had to put it on the list! Get ready to feel some serious emotion with this one. The lyrics will speak right to your heart! When you’re feeling low, unworthy, or weak, this song will remind you of the truth which is what God says about you!

#1 – Changed by Jordan Feliz

Jordan Feliz.JPG

Okay ya’ll, this guy is my all time FAVORITE Christian artist! I had the pleasure of seeing him last year at Winter Jam and oh my gosh he’s outstanding! His songs are so groovy, spiritual and straight up fun. He does the best job of combining Christian music with that current pop feel. Changed is one of his newest songs and I’m obsessed with it. For a bonus song, I highly recommend checking out Witness by him as well!

I hope you guys love all of these as much as I do! If you have any suggestions of other Christian songs that I should add to my playlist feel free to drop it in the comments! I always love checking out new music. Have a good Saturday!




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