Words can’t describe how blessed I feel to be able to call this beautiful woman my mother. The bond we share is something I will forever hold close to my heart because it’s so special and unique in it’s own way! As Mother’s Day approaches, it got me thinking about just how amazing my mom really is. She’s so many different things to me and it honestly is crazy to think about. She’s MORE than just my mom. How is that even possible?! In honor of her and all the other women in my life who are MORE than a mom (My Grandmas, Aunts and Sister-In-Law), I decided to put together a list of 5 different roles a mom plays in a daughter’s life! (Yes I know theres more than just 5.. just trying to hit the main ones for this post!) Also, this is definitely based off of what my mother is to me but I know that there are some moms out there who play the same roles to their daughters as well! Let’s begin!

#1.) She’s your best friend


We all have our go-to girlfriends but when it really comes down to things, our moms are our actual best friends. They offer a special listening ear that no one else can give and does their best to provide you with the perfect advice that’s fitted for your situation. Plus, you already know they’ll never turn down some quality girl time! Pedicures, Starbucks, shopping and more.. you name it, they’ll be there!

#2.) She’s your rock


We all know just how tough life can be at times. There’s job stress, rude people, heartbreaks and more. It’s in these moments that we tend to break, fall and completely lose hope of what the future may hold for us. But also in these moments, our moms come with that special motherly touch and somehow mend everything back together. They pick us up, dust off our clothes and motivate us to keep on moving forward.

#3.) She’s your teacher


It doesn’t matter if we are small or grown, we always learn wise things from our mothers. Sure they taught us how to walk, talk and eat but there’s also much more they’ve taught and continue to teach without even knowing it. We learn how to be strong, hard-working and confident just by watching the incredible example they set. They also teach how to remain a dedicated Christian, a faithful wife and a loving mother despite what life may throw at them. 

#4.) She’s your support/encouragement


We can have the most craziest ideas/dreams possible and yet our moms would still support us 100%. There’s no doubt in their minds that their babies can’t do something… that’s how much they believe in us! They also help create the path of getting us where we want by praying for us, lifting us up and never giving up on us!

#5.) She’s your partner in crime


Moms are known to have such an innocent front but little does everyone know that they also have a devious side to them! For example, anyone else take those awesome mother-daughter shopping trips that you both hide from dad because if he knew how much you spent, he’d freak? Those are the best! Moms can be so much fun to go around and be wild with! They are most definitely your #1 partner in crime. 

We’d all be lost without our amazing mommas. They do so much for us and ask for nothing in return. I pray that when the time comes for me to become a mother that I can even be half the mom my mom is to me. She’s outstanding, Christ-like, and so incredibly loving. A true blessing in my life.

To all the moms out there reading this, just know that us daughters appreciate you more than words can describe. We love you and thank you for all that you do!

Happy Mother’s Day!



One thought on “MORE THAN A MOM

  1. Your Mom says:

    To my amazing and beautiful daughter!!! Words can never describe my love for you!!! God truly blessed me when He gave me you!! There are many days that I can’t even believe you are mine!! Your heart is so beautiful, tender and so caring!! I would just hope that I could have had just a piece of creating that in you but I know that God is truly the creator and writer of your life!! I love you to the moon and back!!


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