For those of you who don’t know, this is my incredible grandparents, Loren and Joy. They have been married for 62 years now and still going strong. Every single time I’m around them I can’t help but pray that Nick and I can grow into that same type of love that they demonstrate. It’s a love so pure, passionate and centered on Christ that you see Him shine through their marriage. That is something I deeply strive for.

Around the beginning of May, I got the pleasure of visiting with my grandparents about their marriage and asked if they would share a little bit of their story as well as give some tips on how they have lasted this long. Being the kind and adorable couple that they are, they immediately agreed! What’s even better is they allowed me to pass on the information to all of you! These two are seriously amazing and I truly hope you stick around to hear of these life changing tips that they have provided.


I first talked with my grandpa and asked him the following questions:

What are some tips you would give to young Christian husbands?

His response: “Pray about everything and never stop seeking God’s will. There is going to be some major highs and lows but don’t let that get in the way of that fiery love you share with your wife. As the years go on and more obstacles hit, it’s easy to forget that love and become angry with one another. So if you start to see that happening, cut the rope right away and ask God to redirect the path of your marriage. Don’t forget that YOU’RE the leader of the household so take charge. Read your Bible every day and be sure to do what God would expect you do to as a Christian husband.”

How did you and grandma make it through the lows?

His response: “God. If we didn’t have him we honestly probably wouldn’t be together. Another thing that I’ve learned now that I look back is how helpful prioritizing the other person’s needs first was. Our first few years being together we would put our own priorities first which caused many issues. We both didn’t understand each other’s side because we were putting ourselves first. But over the years we finally learned that we need to put the other before ourselves which smoothed things out tremendously. It can be hard to do but the work it does in your marriage is wonderful.”

How do you keep your marriage fun?

His response: “Well as you know, I’m a bit of a jokester. I always love to tease grandma even though she gets annoyed with me sometimes. On a real note though, laughter is seriously the best and so good for marriage. We love to laugh and have fun with one another. Another thing we do is go out on dates. Even though we’ve been married for 62 years, I still love taking my lady out. I could never ever get tired of quality time spent with her while we enjoy a nice breakfast.”



Then I talked to my grandma and asked her the same type of questions:

What are some tips you would give to young Christian wives?

Her response: “Always pray and be sure to have good communication with your husband. Having poor communication can cause several issues within your marriage. You could misunderstand each other and do something you regret all because of a simple communication error.”

How did you and grandpa make it through the lows?

Her response: “Most definitely God. He was the one who kept our marriage together. I remember there being several times when we’d get into fights and not even wanting to speak to each other. But we made it a rule to try and never go to bed angry at one another. So we would simply give each other space, then come together and pray once we had cooled off. That honestly did wonders for us.”

How do you keep your marriage fun?

Her response: “Every day with your grandpa is fun. He’s always cracking some sort of joke. One of our favorite things to do together is to go out to eat. We get to talk, laugh and also have a nice meal. I think laughing is the best way to keep a marriage fun because who doesn’t love to laugh? Plus it brings you closer together!”


These two seriously amaze me. Despite the obstacles they faced, they were still able to push through it all because they kept Christ as their focus. He is the answer to making a marriage last and He is the one who held them together. My grandpa was still in the Navy during their first few years of being married which called for a lot of time spent away from each other. My grandpa told me that there was one point where he was only home for a total of 30 nights in 3 YEARS. Can you imagine only seeing your spouse for 10 days a year for 3 years? I honestly don’t know how my grandma did it. Not only that but she also gave birth to my aunt while he was away. My grandpa didn’t even get to see her until she was about 6 months old. Doesn’t that just blow your mind?! Major power couple right here. 

Even 62 years down the road, they are still chasing after God and putting him first. They attend church every Sunday morning and come together to read the Daily Bread every night before they go to bed. I don’t know about you but that inspires me hugely. I want that forever kind of love just like my grandparents have and I ALWAYS want to chase after God with my future husband, Nick. When doing so the results are beautiful, breathtaking  and amazing because it’s a marriage that has been built on the firm foundation of Christ.

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing from these two people who mean oh so much to me. What a blessing they are not only to me but to others around them as well. I hope their tips truly spoke to your heart and that if there is someone reading this whose marriage has been shaky recently, that this post can give them hope. Wishing you all a blessed Sunday!




  1. susanp601 says:

    Loved reading this Jazzy. Your grandparents truly inspire me and I LOVED hanging with them a couple summers ago. Thanks for sharing their tips. Give them my love. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ I love you too honey.


  2. Chris Nuckolls says:

    It’s good information for the newly married and those of us with a few more years. In a age where commitments are not kept it’s wonderful to see !! Thank you for the story of their commitment to God and each other.


  3. Paula Tatum says:

    Beautifully written Jazmine. You are so blessed to have been raised in a God-centered family and it shows through brightly in you. You and Nick already have a perfect start on that same type of marriage because you already put God first in your lives. By the way, Congratulations on your engagement.


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