Hi guys! I’m so pumped to throw another Fashion Friday post at ya’ll for this week! They are honestly one of my favorites to create because I love the challenge of finding affordable yet fashionable outfits for EVERY body type and EVERY age! It’s seriously so much fun!


So for this Fashion Friday, my beautiful guest model happens to be my cousin Becky who is 35 years old! This girl is one heck of a woman. Not only does she constantly give back to others but also serves the Lord whole heartedly. It’s truly inspiring and amazing to see her in action. I kid you not she can become instant friends with anyone just by her joyful spirit and memorable smile! However there is one thing that she lacks which is self-confidence. There has been a lot of people who have brought her down as well as the world who has tried to make certain standards on how we all should look. Because of this, whenever I first asked Becky to model for me all she kept saying was “No”, “I’m not a model”, “I’m not beautiful, Jaz”, “I have a hard time sharing my sizes” and so on. That broke my heart because it’s obvious that she’s so blinded by the hurt that she doesn’t even realize how insanely gorgeous she is! That’s what’s wrong with this world. So instead of tearing others down, we should start building each other up.. encouraging one another and complimenting one another! I believe it would do us a whole lot of good.

So now that you’ve got a glimpse into all things Becky, lets discuss the adorable outfit she has on that only cost a total of $30.


Can we just take a moment to admire how freaking beautiful this looks on her?! I am in love with it. If you know Becky, this outfit is something she would have never have thought to buy. She is more of a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl but I wanted to challenge her to step out of her comfort zone and try something new.. and she loved it! So lets jump into the details of the outfit:



This super cute shirt is from Walmart believe it or not. It only cost $8 and can be worn simple or for something a little more dressed up like this! For this specific look, we tucked it in but it can be worn untucked as well. It’s just about what you prefer and feel most comfortable with!



First off, who doesn’t love maxi skirts? They are so easy, comfy and a quick way to look stylish. The slit in this one makes me love it even more! It adds a sassy and flirty vibe to it! As far as where to get one, we got it at Rue 21 and for just $7.



This is my absolute FAVORITE part of the outfit! I’m honestly sad that I didn’t get a pair for myself because I just love them so much. Glam is written all over them. They cost $6 and I found them at Versona! For the longest time I perceived Versona to be an expensive store when actually their prices aren’t too bad. I’ve found some super cute stuff in there recently all for really good prices! 



This accessory was another Versona find and also cost $6! I think the different shapes and contrast of color in it really makes the outfit pop. Whenever we wear more of a plain shirt I think “louder” types of jewelry are the perfect addition. It brings the outfit to life!



The last piece of this outfit was also from Versona! (I’m telling you I’m sort of becoming obsessed!) It was $3 and such a cute way to clip up Becky’s hair! The pink of the flower ties so perfectly with the pink in the necklace. That’s when I knew we had to get it!IMG_1893Well that’s it for this Fashion Friday! I’d like to thank Becky once again for being my model and for trusting me to step out of her comfort zone! Looking forward to the next one and hope you all love the different styles I create! Enjoy your weekend!




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