Hello everyone! I’m super excited to introduce to you guys this new series I will be adding to my blog. Ever since Nick and I got engaged I’ve been asked questions such as how we met, how he proposed, and how wedding planning is going for us. So I thought it would be fun to answer all of these type of questions as well as more fun stuff about engagement in the form of blog posts! Hoping to give those who don’t know me as well a little insight into my life as well as give any tips/tricks I discover along the way to those who are also engaged or about to be. 

So for the very FIRST engagement series, I’m going to share the story of how Nick and I met and how we ended up where we are now. It’s nothing crazy but still a unique story considering the fact that I never thought he would be the man I would some day marry!


To start things out, most of you know that my family and I are performers and have our own show in Missouri. Well about 3 years ago, we decided to work with a company who took pictures of guests as they walked in and also at the end of the show for meet and greet type of pictures. Nick happened to work for this company and so that’s how I got to know him! At first we both were actually talking to other people so him and I were just friends. But eventually those “flings” we had with others broke off which called for flirtier conversations between each other. I always thought he was cute but honestly had no intention to date him whatsoever. I had heard that he wasn’t really close to the Lord and also was involved in some things I wasn’t okay with.

This is where I owe a lot to my brother, Jordan. After going to a friend of ours party that Nick was also at, the next day Nick texted me asking me out on a date. I was going to turn it down due to what I “knew” about him but Jordan sat me down and really changed my perspective. He told me that I should give him a shot and if things didn’t even work out, maybe I could have helped bring him closer to Christ. You never know how and when God can use you to shine His light on others.

So with that, I told him yes but also a wholeeee lot of information about myself I wanted him to know before actually following through with the date. Some may say “Oh that’s way too soon to discuss.” but I disagree. I think it’s important to talk about right away before getting seriously involved with someone. So what I did was tell him about how I’m saving myself for marriage and therefore would never have sex with him unless we got married. I also told him that I would never seriously get involved with someone until I knew that they were 100% a Christian. By my surprise, he was good with it all.


From there, we both agreed to go on a first date where we hung out at a local shopping area and then later sat on a bench near the lake. We talked and truly had the best time! That’s when I started thinking to myself “Uh-oh.. I can’t fall for a boy like this”. But I was pre-judging unfortunately and forgetting how God can work in people’s lives. We eventually became “official” on August 14th of 2017 and to be honest I truly believed we’d only last a few months. I remember even telling my mom “I see Nick as someone I’m just going to date, not marry.” But boy was I wrong. He’s everything I ever prayed for and more. 

The beginning of our relationship was truly a struggle if I’m going to be honest. It was tough for me because I always envisioned myself being with a man who was already strong in his faith, loved the Lord with all his heart and would even encourage me in my own personal walk with God. Nick didn’t really fit that description so I was basically the leader of the relationship. He did know and believe in the Lord but due to things that happened in his personal life, he drifted away from it all and was basically back at ground zero.

Prior to becoming official, I told him if we were really going to date that I would like him to go to church with me. Please keep in mind that I never forced anything on him. I was just trying to stand my ground with my faith as well as protect my heart. Nick had the option to back out (and I was certain that he would) but again by my surprise, he didn’t. He was all in. That just shows you how God was already tugging on his heart in attempts to direct him back home. 


As the months went on, Nick began to grow in his faith but unfortunately I was impatient. I was wanting a finished product but the truth is a finished product doesn’t even exist. As Christians, we continually grow, learn and deepen in our relationship with Christ. There’s no stopping point or a time where we become “perfect”. So due to my selfishness, a lot of doubt and negativity began to fill my head to the point where I was missing out on the beautiful way Nick’s faith was developing. He was asking questions, reading the Bible and starting to pray with me. After a lot of prayer and discussions with my parents, my eyes were finally opened and I saw the incredible work that God was doing not only in Nick’s life, but mine as well. 

Right around the 6th month mark of us dating, Nick decided to fully re-dedicate his life to Jesus by asking Him into his heart and getting baptized. From then on, Nick has continued to seek Christ in all that he does and has truly blossomed into that man I’ve always prayed for. He points me towards Christ, prays with and for me, loves me unconditionally, tells me I’m beautiful each and every day, and is so passionate and proud of his faith. Never doubt God and the amazing way He can work in people. 

Now after almost two years of being his girlfriend, I’ve been blessed with the new title “fiancé”. And next year it’ll be upgraded again to “WIFE”! How crazy is that?! God has blessed us so incredibly much and we feel so grateful for the many blessings he’s placed in our lives. We can’t wait to slide into this new chapter and experience life together as a married couple. 9 and a half more months to go! 




  1. Paula Tatum says:

    As beautifully written as you are Jasmine. Congratulations to both of you. Can hardly wait to read your next blog.

    On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 9:57 AM The Trusty Twenty Year Old wrote:

    > thetrustytwentyyearold posted: “Hello everyone! I’m super excited to > introduce to you guys this new series I will be adding to my blog. Ever > since Nick and I got engaged I’ve been asked questions such as how we met, > how he proposed, and how wedding planning is going for us. So I thought” >


  2. Paula Tatum says:

    As beautifully written as you are Jasmine. Congratulations to you and Nick. Can hardly wait to read your next blog.


  3. Angeline Keeton says:

    Congratulations again . That was absolutely beautiful , I loved it and love seeing how God works in lives , relationship s and family’s he is an Awesome God . I m so very happy for you .


  4. Linda Christine Nott says:

    Jasmine I have watched you grow up by coming to the shows. And seeing you develop into the beautiful young lady you are today. You have a beautiful soul!! Prayers for you and Nick to continue your lives with God at the helm and for continued blessed life!! Love to you and your family!!


  5. Sharon Sorensen says:

    A beautiful loves story!!! The dream of so many young ladies. The two of you are truly blessed. Congratulations and thank you for sharing, Jasmine. 💕Hugs💕


  6. marilyn oehm says:

    so happy for you. two. God will always be there for you if you let him. we have been married 62 years in sept. and God is the head of our house,,. all 4 of our children are Christians as well as their spouses and so far 9 of 10 grandkids are too. so glad you listened to your heart


  7. Connie Robinson Lowe-Boyle says:

    Oh my goodness sweet Jasmine….I can only “echo” all the beautiful sentiments from all the others written above! God is SO good, and has blessed you and Nick in countless ways already! I’m so thankful to have met Nick, and had the privilege of watching you grow into a beautiful young lady, and now with Nick, you are a beautiful couple! Prayers for continued guidance and more blessings from above! ❤


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