Aren’t Grandmas the best? I seriously adore this woman and thank God for the special relationship we share. Not only is she the sweetest, funniest, and most glamorous grandma of all but she also is the coolest grandma of all! She loves to dance, stay up late and even watch super hero movies! (She legit went to see Avengers: End Game and Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters with me!) She’s just plain awesome.

Grandparents are truly one of the biggest blessings that I believe a lot of us take for granted sometimes. We let life get in the way to the point where calling or visiting seems like a last priority when instead it should be a main priority. Unfortunately, we all don’t know how much longer they have here with us. It could be another 10 years or it could be tomorrow, we just don’t know. Therefore, we should all be taking this time with them while we have it. The amount of wisdom, stories and advice they have to give is something you’ll regret not getting if you don’t act now.

I’m very blessed with the fact that I only live 10 minutes away from my grandma. It allows us to have lots of bonding time, lots of discussions and most importantly, lots of FUN! So in hopes to inspire you to go have some quality time with your grandma, I put together a list of 5 different activities you can do with her that will guarantee you both a great time! Check it out!



Playing cards is probably the most common thing my grandma and I do together. We have so much fun with it and definitely get competitive! Although I think I’m pretty good, she usually ends up beating me by a long shot. What’s cool is there’s so many different games and ways you can play. Variety within a game is always nice. Our personal favorite to play is called 9 Card/Golf. It’s super easy and truly a blast! If you haven’t heard of it before, I’d definitely look it up and try it out! I bet you’ll get hooked.



I could seriously do this one for hours. I find it so fascinating looking through my grandma’s old photo albums and having her explain the story behind each one. She’s had such an adventure filled life and it’s truly inspiring to hear not only of her highs, but also her lows. It reminds me that not everything is easy in life but I’ll be alright as long as I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. You’d be surprised the type of things you can learn about your grandma that you may have never even known before.



This one is a no brainer! I mean who can say no to ice cream? There has been countless nights where my grandma and I have gone out for ice cream dates and have just had the best time together. We laugh, talk and truly enjoy the fun and yumminess that comes along with eating this sweet snack! We typically go to Andy’s or Culver’s because those are our favorites and they have so many options to choose from! 



This specific activity we don’t do all the time but it’s still fun! My grandma has taken such good care of her natural nails that you’d think that they are acrylic but they aren’t, I kid you not! Usually she already has them done but on times when she doesn’t, that’s when I like to step in! It’s a fun task that I enjoy and also gives my grandma and I some quality conversation time.



The stereotype that grandmas make the best food is seriously so true! They always seem to have the best recipes. Ever since I was little, my grandma and I have been baking together! From cookies, to muffins, to cakes and more, we’ve made it all! It’s been so much fun learning from her and being able to see the “special touches” she does to each dish that makes it unique to her. That’s something I will forever remember and keep alive whenever I bake for a family of my own some day.

I’d like to say a special thanks to my grandma who was so willing to take all of these photos with me and who is always such a light of encouragement in my life. I’m so thankful for her and love her with all of my heart! I hope that through reading this you guys were able to get a fun new idea to try out with your grandmas! And if there’s something I haven’t mentioned that I should try out with mine, leave it in the comment section below! Her and I are always open to trying new things! 




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