Listen up all my single, dating and engaged ladies! If you don’t have this book already, I highly, highly, HIGHLY encourage you to pick up a copy. It has blessed my life in a way like no other and has taught me the importance of praying for my sweet hubby to be.

Unlike an ordinary book, this one is filled with well thought, scripture based prayers that you can pray specifically for your future husband! And let me tell ya, they are SO good and truly powerful! God actually used this book to confirm that Nick was the “one” for me but I’ll get into that later. First, I want to discuss the amazing husband and wife duo that wrote it!

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This is Aaron and Jennifer Smith. What an amazing, encouraging, and strong Christian couple! I am in awe at the way they write, handle life, and most importantly keep God as their first priority. They have 4 kiddos and yet still find the time and motivation to have a healthy, balanced and Christ-centered marriage. Now that’s what I’m talking about! 

It’s quite obvious that they have such a fiery passion for marriages that are after God! They even have a podcast about it and also a book that is about to come out I believe. Being the young engaged girl that I am, I love hearing all the tips they have to offer! It’s so helpful and neat to hear of their stories.


Whenever I first bought this book I didn’t really have a set heart on whether or not Nick could be my future husband. But whether he was or not, I still wanted to pray for that future man of mine. About a year into Nick and I’s relationship is whenever I started reading the book. I knew I loved Nick but as said above was unsure if he was the one for me. He was a newer Christian and therefore wasn’t everything I had envisioned myself being with. (I always thought I’d be with a strong Christian man from the beginning).

As I began to pray the prayers, things slowly became clearer and clearer and I watched Nick transform even more so into this incredible, Godly, leader of a man right before my eyes. Unfortunately after a little while, I let life get in the way, set the book down and therefore stopped praying for him. A few weeks went by and that’s when I noticed some immaturity flare up in Nick. It really irritated me and made me question once again if he was the one and if he’d even be ready for marriage. He seemed so perfect but then he had his immature moments being the young 21 year old that he was. 


Finally one night, I felt a tug so hard from God that I needed to open up the book again. So I did. And I picked up right where I had left off from when I put it down. This is where it gets crazy. My next prayer to read was titled “Maturing Him” on page 130. A prayer specifically based on asking God to mature and guide your man. Tears struck hard! I couldn’t believe it. 

In that moment, it all made sense. God revealed to me how we should never stop praying for our spouse/partner. They need our prayers just as much as we need theirs! None of us are perfect but yet I was expecting him to be which I’m very ashamed of. All Nick needed was dedicated prayers and consistent encouragement from me and now I know that. I also know whole heartedly that he is the one whom I have prayed for. He is my forever and God designed him with me in mind to be his wife.. how cool is that!

I bought this amazing book off of Amazon but I believe you can also get it at Barnes & Noble! Also, if you know of any young men or you are a young man seeking for well thought, scripture based prayers to pray for your future wife, I’ve got good news! Aaron and Jennifer have a book for that too titled “31 Prayers for My Future Wife”! Be sure to check it out or inform those young men in your lives about it.

Of course no one needs written prayers to pray, most of the time the best prayers come from opening the heart and presenting your requests before God anyways. But this book definitely has some power to it and I’m so glad I have it and that God used it to reveal things to me. It has topics I wouldn’t have even thought to pray for but is oh so important. I truly hope you ladies check it out and understand just how important it is to always pray for your future/present man! Have a good week!



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